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Who is Mr. Automotive?

Matt Shillings


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Purchasing a new vehicle?

Something about purchasing a car always intrigued me. My favorite thing about buying a car is how exciting it is. It is one of the biggest investments we will ever make. A car purchase should not be a stressful situation. If you feel that way you are dealing with the wrong people. That's why i created Mr. Automotive. This is a place you can come to for non-biased information. 

With my contacts in the car business i can get you a great deal on any make or model. Rest assured i will never pressure you to buy a car. I don't care if you purchase from me. I just want to help you find what you want, and make sure you get the experience you deserve.


Let me help you with your next service!

Mr. Automotive also wants to help you with any service needs or questions. It can be a little intimidating trying to figure out what repairs are actually necessary. If you have concerns about your repair cost give me a call. Are you uncertain about the price of those shocks? Call Mr. Automotive.


Are you feeling cheated by your insurance company?

Is the insurance company giving you what your car is worth? Do you think it should be totaled, but they disagree? Do i really have to use their body shop? When those thoughts start rolling through your head; pick up the phone and call Mr. Automotive.

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